TOURIST GUIDE: POLAND - Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia

For example:
  • PEARLS OF ARCHITECTURE : Gothic, Northern Renaissance, Baroque and up to the most modern. May include: Gdansk Historic Center: Main Town and Old Town + Oliwa Cathedral (6 hours)
  • ART TREASURES : Ecclesiastical and Private Interiors (3 hours walking tour)
  • DECORATIVE ARTS : Gdansk Furniture and Furnishings National Museum of Gdansk, Historical Museum of Gdansk (3 hours walking tour)
  • AMBER - ART AND CRAFTSMANSHIP : Museum of Amber, St Bridget church (3 hours walking tour)
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN : gardens and parks in Tri-city area (journey of discovery)
  • URBAN DESIGN : Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia area – (journey of discovery -panoramic views)
  • FORTIFICATIONS : from medieval walls and baroque ramparts to II World War Gdansk Historic Center, Modern Ramparts- Motlawa arm, The Hevelianum Center– Gdansk Fortress, II World War: Westerplatte (journey of discovery – for the fit)
  • HIGHLIGHTS OF GDANSK : Royal Route and Our Lady of Gdansk Cathedral (3 hours walking tour)